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Morphle and the Magic Pets follows Mila, her stepbrother, Jordie, and her shapeshifting magic pet, Morphle. The trio uses their skills, smarts and imagination to solve the town’s problems, keep magic pets out of mischief, and find “”magic matches”” for each of these unique and hilarious characters. Magic and comedy fuel their adventures, but in the end, it’s the power of friendship that turns Mila, Jordie, and Morphle into an unbeatable team.

Available on Disney Junior and Disney+ 3/20

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Follow the adventures of Mila and her shapeshifting pet Morphle as they rescue the community of Petport from the chaos caused by mischievous pets, envious bandits and inventions gone awry. Morphle is the ultimate magic pet, who can transform into anything Mila wishes. Mila, Morphle and their friends use teamwork, creativity and imagination to save the day!

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Loved by kids aged 3 to 6, and available in 12 languages, “My Magic Pet Morphle” teaches fundamental, fun lessons about friendship, problem-solving and creativity.
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