Nature Walk | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Lets learn about animals and nature!
The family and JJ go for a learning adventure in their nature walk with Bingo the dog.
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Let’s go for a nature walk
Listen to the birdies talk
Go strolling in the grass
While clouds go rolling past

**Whistles catchy tune**

Short and leafy forest trees
Tall and pointy forest trees
Forest trees stand happily
As we’re whistling

**Whistles catchy tune**

Red and orange autumn leaves
Green and yellow autumn leaves
Autumn leaves dance in the breeze
As we’re whistling

**Whistles catchy tune**

Sweet and tiny flowers bloom
Big and happy flowers bloom
Can you smell their sweet perfume

As we’re whistling

**Whistles catchy tune**

Flapping, chirping birds go by
Swimming, quacking ducks go by
Floating free and flying high
As we’re whistling

**Whistles catchy tune**

We went for a nature walk
Listened to the birdies talk
Went strolling in the grass
While clouds went rolling past

**Whistles catchy tune**


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