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👶It’s another wonderful morning with JJ! Who knows what fantastical adventures JJ will have!
Watch and sing along as everyone greets JJ in the morning! 🌞
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The little birdies tweet
As you jump to your feet
Good morning, Good morning,
Good morning JJ

Toast, eggs and fruit to start
Healthy food will make you smart
Good morning, Good morning,
Good morning JJ

Each day you will… discover
Things that fill you…with wonder
Chances to make…fun memories
With friends who … Play-A-Long!

Just think what you can do
As you hop into your shoes
Good morning, Good morning,
Good morning JJ

There’s much to learn and play
On this happy sunny day
Good morning, Good morning,
Good morning JJ

It’s JJ! It’s JJ!
Who’s got the curl
like an ice cream swirl
It’s JJ! It’s JJ!
Who’s heart’s so bright,
Like the warm sunlight

It’s JJ! It’s JJ!
Who’s big warm smile
Stretches for a mile
It’s JJ! It’s JJ!
Who’s heartfelt hug,
Is like a teddy’s love

It’s JJ! It’s JJ!
Who’s curious mind
Is like Einstein
It’s JJ! It’s JJ!
Who cheers us up
Like a playful pup

Start the day with a song
And your friends will sing along
We love you, we love you
We love you JJ

When love fills your heart
You’ll be happy and smart
We love you, we love you
I love you

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